What not to do in when you order a pizza

You can speed up your delivery time by avoiding these kinds of ordinary mistakes. Most customers make one or two of these all the time. Preventing them will make your experience more enjoyable.

1. The check is not written.

2. Lack of house number or visible number.

3. The porch light is not turned on at night.

4. The money is not ready.

5. The check doesn’t have your phone number and (DL# or SS#) on it.

6. Leaving blank lines on your credit card receipt.

7. Paying with a $50 or $100 bill for a small order.

8. Not giving the driver the coupon.

9. Your phone is busy or unavailable.

10. Having your kids pay.

11. Not mentioning your apartment number.

12. Telling us the name of your apartment instead of the address.

13. Paying in penny rolls or bags of change.

14. Paying with crumpled cash.

15. Not telling us your business name.

16. Not notifying your co-workers.

17. Not shoveling snow or removing ice.

18. You’re not home when the driver arrives.

19. Not meeting the driver in the dorm lobby / not answering the lobby phone.

20. Taking a shower or bath when the driver arrives.

21. Not controlling your dog.

22. Changing the order at the door or after the driver left the store.

23. Trying to negotiate the cost.

24. Not knowing your address or phone number.

25. Water sprinkler in bad location.

26. Trying to combine coupons or specials.

27. Changing it to a pick-up after the driver left the store.

28. Not knowing you ordered.

29. Giving vague directions.

30. You’re in the back yard when the driver arrives.

31. Complaining it was late when it really was not.

32. Not giving the driver access to the gate / not answering the gate.

33. Complaining it was 5 or 10 minutes late.

34. Your stereo is too loud.

35. You moved and didn’t tell us.

36. Not holding the pizza level.

37. Not knowing what carry-out (pick-up) means.

38. Giving your credit card to the driver.

39. Calling back after being put on hold.

40. Flirting with the driver.

Source: http://tipthepizzaguy.com/mistakes/


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